The International Central Gospel Church -I.C.G.C. – Is an Evangelical Charismatic Christian Church. It was officially inaugurated as a church on the 26th of February 1984, in Accra Ghana, and the first congregation was designated Christ Temple. The first meeting was held in a small classroom with an initial membership of just about twenty people. From that time the membership grew steadily. Early meetings were held in classrooms, private residence, a public hall, cinema theatre and other places of convenience. In May, 1986 however the church settled in a rented scout hall- Baden Powell Memorial Hall- which became its home for the next ten years. The church became a fast-growing one and it was during this period that saw an outburst of aggressive missionary church planting activities with local assemblies established in almost all the major towns and cities of Ghana, out of which our local church Hosanna Temple was brought forth.

I.C.G.C. can now proudly revel in their sense of achievement for the fact that it has a premier private-owned University in Ghana Known as the Central University College and has had several developmental projects all over the country.

Like it is written in the Bible in Zechariah 4:10,” do not despise these small beginnings….”, Hosanna has shown a lot of promise from the onset as a young local church when it first started on the First Junction road in Teshie Accra-November,1997-. Now, it is a full- blown local gospel Church reaching out and influencing the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


To establish the house of God, through the development of Model New Testament Christians, and Churches. That is to train and equip God’s people who come to our church to develop and mature in Christ to manifest His character.


  • Raising leaders
  • Shaping vision (Matt 15:14)
  • Influencing society (Matt 5:13-16)

Through our programs and spirit-filled church services, we transform and improve the lives of people and redirect them in conformity with God’s word.

OUR LOGO (ACTS 2:41-42):

This consists of the Globe with highlight on the African continent. It has four pillars and an oval ring around it holding them together.

  • The globe represents the world and our focus to reach out internationally.
  • The four pillars represent the main focus and devotion the early church was committed to. Such as in Doctrine, Prayer, Fellowship and Breaking of bread.

OUR MESSAGE (Jeremiah 31:17)

  • Salvation from sin
  • Acceptance for the outcast
  • Strength for the weak
  • Prosperity for honest labour
  • Dominion over the flesh.

These and many more are what we convey through various activities to all our members in particular and the world in general. We trust God to enable us present to world the eternal truth of the Bible that is doctrinally sound, spiritually inspired, mentally challenging and socially relevant.



General Church Council.

The general church council is the highest policy making body in the church. It acts as the highest policy making body in the church and has the power to approve the appointments of the General Overseer, Deputy General Overseer and Secretary General. Its membership includes Ministers of ICGC and the Legal Advisor of the Church.

The Presbytery

The presbytery also referred to as the Executive Board, deals with matters requiring attention between the meetings of the General Church Council and, in general, administers the spiritual and temporal affairs of the church. It is the highest Executive body of the church.

Ministerial Association

The ministerial association is responsible for the selection of candidates (ICGC or non-ICGC) for ordination for approval by the executive board. It disciplines Ministers as well as promotes the welfare of Ministers.

Regional Church Council

For administrative convenience a Regional Church Council shall be establish in each region which shall not necessarily coincide with the political Region. The Council shall be composed of a Regional Overseer and all the District Supervising Ministers in that region. It shall have power to review decisions of the District Committee, co-ordinate and plant strategies for the growth of the Church in the region.

District Church Council

This shall be established in every District and shall be composed of a number of Local Assemblies in the same area as the General Church Council. It shall advise and assist the District Supervising Minister in the administration of the District and the development of the work of God through the Local Assemblies of the District. The District shall not necessarily coincide with the political administrative districts of the country.

Local Church

This is made up of the Pastor(s) and duly elected Deacons of the Local Assembly. The Council is the policy formulating organ of the Local Church.

Rev. Mensa Otabil

Rev. Mensa Otabil


Rev. Mensa Otabil is a devoted husband to his wife Joy and father to their four children – Sompa, Nhyira, Yoofi and Baaba.
Dr. Mensa Otabil is a Pastor, Lecturer, Author, Consultant and a motivational speaker. He is the Founder and General Overseer of the International Central Gospel churches which has a network of local assemblies in Ghana, Europe, the United States and other parts of Africa. He also serves as Senior Pastor of Christ Temple in Accra. He is also the Chancellor of Ghana’s premier private University – The Central University College (CUC).
The International Central Gospel Church – ICGC – is an Evangelical, Charismatic Christian Church. It was officially inaugurated as a church on the 26 th of February 1984, in Accra, Ghana. The first meeting was held in a small classroom with a total of twenty people.
Dr. Mensa Otabil presents a radio and television programme called “Living Word” where he addresses life issues such as religion, economic development, family life, education and politics. (Source: International Central Gospel Church)



Rev. Simon Tinglafo

Rev. Simon Tinglafo

Rev. Simon Tinglafo is the senior Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church, Hosanna Temple, Teshie in the city of Accra, Ghana. He is also a lecturer at the Central University College and also an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ACIS) London UK.

As a Pastor and teacher, Rev. Tinglafo maintains that the word of God should be taught with the clarity and power of the Holy Spirit for all men to understand and live by. His sermons and preaching from the pulpit have greatly influenced the lives of many. He is happily married and has four daughters.